AGYoga гамаки для йоги и одежда

About AGYoga company

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Since 2010 the AGYoga Company promotes new anti-gravity (Aerial yoga) direction in yoga and fitness. The AGYoga Company is the first Russian developer and producer of yoga hammocks. The first yoga hammock was produced in 2010. Nowadays the model range consists of 5 models of hammocks. And they are unique own development of the company.

We have already sold more than 10,000 hammocks all over the world!

The AGYoga Company has its own sewing production. It allows us to control completely all production and we can give guarantee quality. Our hammocks can be used for traction therapy and effectively use in such diseases as osteochondroses, spondileza and hernias of backbone disks. Thanks to easy tuning of separate details of hammock is possibly to get good effect with scoliosis.

All models of yoga hammocks pass preliminary test in a number of clubs and only after confirmation of safety and comfort we start it in mass production. The AGYoga Company constantly improves quality of products. We made voluntary certification of our hammocks and received the certification of conformity quality in 2013.

The AGYoga company cooperates (works) with qualified specialists in yoga and fitness and together with them we develop training programs. By the way we have our own methodical grants (programs) with a set of exercises in a hammock. Also we have training DVD discs and wall posters with general exercises in a hammock.

And at least Customers get some obvious advantages from work with us:

  • The guaranteed quality and safety of our productions
  • Guarantee on all production
  • Complex information about our equipment, consultation about installation and trainings

Quality of production of AGYoga Company is already estimated by many yoga centers and fitness clubs. Among our clients clubs such as: World class, Fitness Planet, Fizruk. Yoga hammocks Air Swing™ can be met more than in 60 clubs!