AGYoga гамаки для йоги и одежда

Yoga hammocks AirSwing

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Despite the name «Yoga hammocks AirSwing» found more widespread application and not limited only to Yoga. Nowadays hammocks "Air Swing" are successfully used in yoga -studios, fitness studios and room for relaxations, lounge rooms and rehabilitation centers. Wide scope of "Air Swings” is caused by their multi functionality.

The main feature of work in hammocks - it is opportunity to develop both flexibility and force of muscles at the same time. Due to need to balance on an unsteady support (hammock) most postural and antigravity muscles feel constant power load. There is an alternation of power and stretch effect when you work in hammocks. Keeping balance (equilibration) in a hammock puts in works all main muscles of a body. It corresponds principle of functional training and yoga.

Yoga hammocks can be used by people who just start trainings (beginners) and for advanced in trainings people. As for Aerial Yoga it combines traditional mat yoga with postures suspended in soft fabric hammocks. With the help of gravity and the hammocks you can playfully explore floating, fluid movements and create space in your bodies without compressing our joints and spine. That way Aerial Yoga can be wonderful complement to your mat practice. It unwinds facial knots and tangles, quiets the mind, builds core-strength, and leaves your body feeling totally integrated.

Features of yoga hammocks Air Swing™

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All models of yoga hammocks Air Swing™ is own development of the AGYoga Company. They are unique and have no analogs.

Distinctive features are:

* Fabric ‒ yoga hammocks Air Swing™ are made from high quality fabrics. The fabrics used by us have the smooth, but not sliding surface, high wear resistance and tensile strength.

* Soft inserts ‒ represent the strips of elastic and dense material sewed to regions of the main cloth which allow to reduce the fabric pressure upon a body and to make practice in yoga hammocks more comfortable.

* Handles-stirrups are used in the professional model and make it more convenient for active yoga practice and fitness trainings.

* The confirmed reliability ‒ only at yoga hammocks Air Swing™ permissible maximum load at 130 kg, and it is confirmed experimentally.

* The Goods is certified ‒ our yoga hammocks Air Swing™ has the certificate of quality and safety.

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Benefits of aerial yoga (antigravity yoga)

What about advantages of Anti Gravity Aerial Yoga? There are some of them:

  • Build strength and awareness of the core and body
  • Increased muscle tone
  • Upper and lower body muscular strengthening
  • Increased muscular flexibility
  • Increased joint mobility
  • Create cerebellum function
  • Increased Neuromuscular plasticity
  • Increased kinesthetic awareness: Fine-tuning balance and agility. Much more astute  proprioceptor (sensitive receptors) response
  • Increased command/response acuity
  • Circulatory and lymphatic system refers
  • Hormone stimulation
  • More astute presence through mindful consciousness conditioning
  • Low impact cardiovascular conditioning
  • Decompression of spine thru gentle traction
  • Hydration of vertebral disks
  • Complete relaxation
  • Mindfulness and breath awareness
  • Sense of fun, freedom and confidence
  • And of course learning of new skills and it is only short list of benefits


Rehabilitation is that traction therapy and effectively use in such diseases as osteochondroses, spondileza and hernias of backbone disks. Thanks to soft reguliration of separate details of hammock it is possibly to get good effect in fight against scoliosis.


Work in hammocks gives you great relaxation and you can feel the harmony in whole body and mind

For physically disable people

It should be noticed also that use of hammocks is rather easier for physically disable people.